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Over 130 highly qualified professionals, with a long-standing experience in the structured finance industry, combine specific local knowledge with international best practice.

In Italy, the company is divided into 5 Departments, each of which is led by a Department Manager supported by Vice Department Manager, who ensure an efficient information flow, timely and high-quality client services, and adherence to our robust internal controls.

Nausica Pinese
COO and Head of Servicer
Roberto Maffioletti
Head of Business Development
Maria Francesca Dalpasso
Head of Representative of Noteholders
Gianluca Bubola
Head of Calculation Agent
Claudia Calcagni
Head of SPVs Management
Monia Introvigne
Head of SPVs Corporate Affairs
Cinzia Giannini
Head of Legal and Sub Servicers Monitoring
Cristina Deganello
Head of Bond Division