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Specialist also outside Italy

We have widened our international capabilities with new branches, to expand our operational model and deliver premium services to our foreign clients

Securitisation Services Russia
Two Russian companies wholly owned by Securitisation Services have been established to provide management and accounting services for Russian and international securitisation transactions.
The dedicated Russian-speaking staff at our Moscow office is happy to support the successful realisation and management of your Russian deals.

Our Services in Russia

  • Mortgage Agent and SPVs: incorporation, registration and liquidation, shareholder role including payment of the initial share capital
  • Accounting & Corporate Services Providers: bookkeeping, preparing and submitting tax returns, managing all administrative documents
  • Management Company & Support Provider: providing directorship service for Mortgage Agents and SPVs, performing the functions of sole executive body and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Portfolio Analysis: quantitative analysis and historical performance (including those required by Rating Agencies) of mortgages or other assets to be included in the securitized portfolio

We have brought to Russia the long-time tradition of providing high standard financial services, offering to the Russian market our in-depth knowledge and long standing experience in securitization.