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26 May 2020

Securitisation Services as Issuing Agent of the first CIB UNIGAS Minibond Issuance, structured by Banca Finint and Veneto Sviluppo, of €6,5 million

CIB Unigas S.p.A. is an international company, leader in production and marketing of low-emissions incinerators. Banca Finint and Securitisation Services assisted the company for the issuance of its first Minibond for a total amount of €6,5 million,which aims to support the Industrial Plan (2020-2027) development with peculiar focus on the completion of the enlargement of production plant in Campodarsego (Padua) and the construction of the new sales and production site in Mosc. In addition to, the Minibond Issuance, is projected to finance the market launch of new generation and innovative globally patented products.

Banca Finint and Veneto Sviluppo were respectively Arranger and Co-arranger in this transaction.

Securitisation Services acted as Issuing agent.

CIB Unigas’s Minibond was subscribed by Fondo Veneto Minibond promoted and managed by Federazione Veneta of BCC and Veneto Sviluppo spa, Banca IFIS, Banca di Cividale, Mediocredito Trentino Alto Adige, Neafidi, Banca Valsabbina e Banco delle Tre Venezie. CIB Unigas approved the 2019 balance sheet recording Revenues of €35 million a production value of 35 million of euros and an Ebitda margin of 14%.

This transaction has a duration of 7 years (until may 2027) with and will begin amortising from may 2022 and paying acoupon of 3,50% p.a.

The proceeds from the issuance will be used by the company to finance the Industrial Plan (2020-2027) development encompassing the completion of the enlargement of production plant in Campodarsego functional to the assembly of the new product line FACILE (a high-tech innovative globally patented product equipped with data trasmissions system and remote monitoring) and the construction of the new sales and production site in Moscow including offices, warehouse and assembly units.

Simone Brugnera, Head of Minibond Area in Banca Finint said: “We are very proud to sustain an excellence as CIB Unigas that took a strong and growing path inside and outside national borders and that aimed on sustainability as the strategic growing driver in the past years. With this new transaction, guided with Veneto Sviluppo, we wanted to have the opportunity to concretely prove that we trust on our excellent and resilient industries. This is a transaction that we ended in a difficult general and economical context, to demonstrate that Banca Finint is next to companies and makes always available their know-how to allow them to look at the future and to continue in their growth path”.


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