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26 March 2021

Banca Finint in the securitization of Credimi's SME loans with Deutsche Bank

The launch of the securitization program of loans to Italian SMEs has recently been completed, which will be disbursed by the Credimi fintech platform for a total amount of 170 million euros.

In the transaction, Deutsche Bank Italia subscribed most of the ABS securities issued by the vehicle company Lumen SPV.

As part of the transaction, the company Lumen SPV has entrusted Banca Finint with the roles of Servicer, Corporate Servicer, while Credimi will handle the management of the loans.

As part of this program, loans to SMEs will be guaranteed by the Guarantee Fund (in accordance with the Liquidity Decree) and can be used by companies based throughout the country to prepare for recovery even after COVID.


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